What to wear? Where to shoot?

Choosing a location is not as difficult as it seems. There are so many beautiful places that can work well to set the tone of an adventurous scene. When choosing your location, try to find something special or meaningful about the place. The photographs are going to have more meaning than just "you" if your location means something to you. Every photo that you get is not going to have the same mountain/lake in the background, we will work with the location to make a “variation” of scenery. I will also photograph the location beforehand so that you have some special photographs of it too. Nothing is stopping us from going to the top of the mountain or to the other side of the lake! Your shoot is an adventure after all!

After you’ve chosen your location, consider what you’re going to wear. Putting an outfit together can be difficult, but it can be made so easy if you dress how you normally do and if you wear something comfortable and preferably fashionable. Yes, this a photo shoot so coordinate your colours and styles and mix and match without looking too matchy (you don't have to wear the same colour, and definitely no white shirts and jeans). Solids, simple patterns, and neutral colours and staying away from anything that’s from “work” always looks best. Layers and textures are very cool and will help with creating variation in the photographs. Packing 2 or 3 outfits for your session is great for variety especially if you're comfortable changing behind a tree or behind your car. When packing your outfits, consider a formal set of clothes and something casual too. Remember to pack lip ice because nothing is worse than looking crusty in those close-ups. 


After your session has been planned and the details have been confirmed, we will organize a date before the session to get to know each other better. I want you to feel comfortable with me, so we can settle some quality time over a cup of coffee or a beer. On the day of your session, I'll remind you about what to pack and then we'll head off on our adventure. I can’t wait to meet you! 


The session will go accordingly to how adventurous and lovey you're feeling, be yourselves and we'll have a fantastic and memorable time!