Frequently Asked Questions

Why photography?


I am passionate about people, nature and I am very creative too, so being able to own a camera is just something that allows me to express my creativity through my different interests.


Also, the people who follow their hearts, are the people that go places. 

Follow your dreams! x

Where can I book a session?


If you head over to the "BOOK ME" page, you will come across a form with a whole lot of places for you to enter your details. It is important to know the date that you're wishing to do your session and also very important to read my "ABOUT" page before you submit your form so that you know what you're exactly signing up for! 

I can't wait to meet you! 

How much does a session cost?


All prices vary because of different services and different times. My prices are worked out according to the distance that I have to travel, the hours spent working while shooting and then post-production too, the actual and lastly my professionalism. 


Supporting the local vendors of your community is greatly appreciated by them.